Review of related literature for job satisfaction

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Job satisfaction research

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One type of leader miniatures and preserves harmony compromise relationships coupled with officials on rewards for sustained performance Dessler and Starke. Job satisfaction is the collection of feeling and beliefs that people have about their current job.

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE. DEFINITIONS OF JOB SATISFACTION Different authors give various definitions of job satisfaction. Some of them are taken from the book of D.M. Pestonjee ³Motivation and Job Satisfaction´ which are given below: Job satisfaction is defined as a pleasurable, emotional, state resulting from appraisal of one¶s job.5/5(24).

Abstract. Background: A vast number of published studies have suggested a link between job satisfaction levels and health. The sizes of the relationships reported vary widely.

Narrative overviews of this relationship have been published, but no systematic meta-analysis review has been conducted. Dear Apple and Mia, to develop your conceptual framework, as this article suggests, you will need to read relevant literature about your topic. Thus job satisfaction is the affective orientation that an employee has towards his or her work (Price, ).It can be considered as a global feeling about the job or as a related constellation of attitudes about various aspects or facets of the job.

Review of related literature for job satisfaction
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