Essay on auditors independence

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Independence of External Auditor

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Independence of External Auditor

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Safeguard of Auditor Independence

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in true and fair view. Independence of the auditors also being underline in the Act, where any relationship between the independent auditor and the companies must be disclose, to prevent any conflict in interest when auditing the accounting records.

Auditor independence refers to the auditors being free of any relationships with the client organizations that may influence their opinion while conducting the audit. This is necessary for both internal and external auditors to ensure they provide shareholders with a professional and unbiased opinion.

Independence of external auditor By: shubham kanchhal Auditor independence refers to the independence of the auditor from parties that may have a financial interest in business being audited. Independence requires integrity and an objective approach for the audit process. This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Independence of auditors and others involved in assurance engagements. An auditor must not only appear to be independent, but must also be independent in fact.

Research the concept of “auditor’s independence” using your online library resources, and the Internet. Auditor Independence: An Impossible Dream In recent months there has been much discussion about the independence of CPA auditors; the leadership of the AICPA, the Auditing Standards Board, the Public Oversight Board, the Independence Standards Board, and most recently the proposed independence rules promulgated by the SEC have all attempted to clarify and strengthen auditor independence.

Essay on auditors independence
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